‘Maneuverable Strategies in Xm2’
Collaboration with Vibe Overgaard
Floating Projects, Hong Kong
December 16 – 31, 2017

















































Stills from performance with Contemporary Dancer
KERRY CHEUNG. Filmed at a square in Hong Kong, December 2017. HD Video





Excerpt from performance. Full length duration: 17:33 min.






Installation at Floating Projects in Hong Kong: Projection of documentation of performance + Sculptures (variable sizes)



From press release:
The exhibition ‘Maneuverable Strategies in X m2’ concludes Overgaard and Kramer’s intensive one month collaboration with the Floating Projects collective in Hong Kong (December 2017). The dialogue has been centered around the notion of organization -what role does the artist-run space play in artists’ way of organizing themselves and what are possible strategies to deal with the need of X number of m2? In collaboration with Contemporary Dancer Kerry Cheung, Kramer and Overgaard choreographed and filmed a performance staged in the city of Hong Kong: Four grey squares marked in front of a shopping mall are formally framed and represented in the video-work. Cheung activates these squares as a stage for her movements. Simultaneously a current of people moves in and out, going about with their everyday lives. The movement of their bodies interacts with Cheung’s performance and choreographs her way of moving within the set boundaries.

The video work was exhibited as part of a larger installation at Floating Projects. In Cheung’s performance, she sets up rules for herself in a defined space, that becomes both a playing field and a boundary that is perpetually influenced by its surroundings. With this perspective, the performance is used as a reference to the artist-run space. In the installation at Floating Projects interior objects become sculptural bodies that establish a formal relation to the squares in the video-work.

Floating Projects is a social space, video archive, exhibition space, library, screening platform and much more. The sculptures consist of furniture that on a day-to-day basis enables the usage of the space. They are referencing the identity of Floating Projects as a space that offers multiple functions for the people connected to it.


The project was kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and S.C Van Fonden.