HD video, 3-Channel installation, sound, each video duration 3:28 min.
projectors, steel, projection-foil. Semicircles: 400 x 300 x 220 cm
Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin 2016







()()()A circular shape and looping of movements;
an exhausted body explores society in its stage of late-capitalism, where time and economy are no longer linear and predictable, but rather fragmented fluctuations of accelerations and crashes, and then acceleration and crashes again in a never ending cycle.

fragments of a leg, a hand, a back etc. appear; in the videos a woman finds herself in an ever-changing and disorienting setting, such as on a ferry at sea, an airplane and a night-train

endlessly she moves from one point to another without any final destination rendering herself an image of a mental state where our surroundings take on a liquid form, and all social relations and certainties of societies and of individuals are liquefied and made uncertain.()()()


Text by Sara Kramer